Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Live Interview with Kenny on Hearing Anna

I was at the Farm Museum in Point Pleasant not too long ago and got a chance to catch up with Kenny Stewart. Kenny lived in West Columbia which is in miles from where the story of Anna Potts took place. At age 13 is when Kenny witnessed the screams and cries of Anna. Kenny at age 78 now, say's "Till this day, it makes chills up my back just thinking about it". Tune into this 5 minute clip of Kenny's side of the story.

From Whiz News Site

From Novel to Movie, Local Author Celebrates
POSTED BY: Brittany Harris
Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 06:35 PM
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A local author grabbed the attention of many at the plate breaking ceremony today in Roseville.

William Winebrenner's novel, "From out of the Forest" is going to be turned into a movie.

"It's hard to believe that somebody like me that came from a coal mining town, you know just a poor little kid has reached the highs, I was nominated as an International Writer of the Year in England in 03'. I've got books all over the world, books in every state. And I don't know what it is about my writing, but it seems to be addictive to people," said Author William Winebrenner.

He believe's this movie will attract the attention of all, "I think it's going to be a great movie and a great story, and I think its going to be something that people are going to enjoy," said Winebrenner.

Production for the movie is planning to begin in 2012.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tune in for Williams next live interview on WOUB T.V

WOW! News spreads fast. From the reconition at Pottery festival on our project Anna's Violin. William was approached to do an Interview from Fred Kight with WOUB T.V. A brief background of Fred the picture to the right "For as long as can be remembered, WOUB Assistant News Director Fred Kight has been honored as the "Best Radio Personality" in the Athens News for the publication's annual "Best of Athens". William will be doing a live interview from the station. The interview will be broadcasting on WOUB channel 20, Tuesday July 27 from 6:30 pm- 7:00 pm. William is scheduled to appear half way through the broadcast which would put him on about 6:45 pm. We will posting the interview on our site once we get the footage from the station.

you may visit the television site as well.

Please tune in and thank you for the support.

Nicole Clevenger- Producer

Movie Reconition at the Pottery Festival in Roseville

I want to thank the Pottery Festival for allowing us to set up our book signing. It was also a pleasure for us to help celebrate your special day (45th Anniversary of Plate breaking Ceremony). Also, a big thanks too WHIZ TV, WYBZ-107.3 Ron Strong and Time Recorder for broadcasting us live on T.V, Radio and Newspaper for our up coming project "Anna's Violin". These events means a lot to me as a producer, and the Author "William Winebrenner". I will be putting the live footage from both T.V and Radio as soon as I can. Thanks for all the support from all who attended the event and purchased the Book "From out of The Forest". We are very excited for this project and thankful for all the recognition we are getting for the up-coming film "Anna's Violin". You will be able to catch us at more book signings to come.

- Nicole Clevenger -Producer

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Come down and join us for our Book Signing (Admission is FREE) at the Ceramic Festival "Proud of there own" Heritage center ( 7327 Ceramic Rd NE in Roseville, Ohio 43777).

The book signing will be going on from the 15th through the 18th of July. On the day of the 15th -Celebrating 60 years of T.V WSAZ Television channel 3 will be interviewing the Producer and Author about the movie "Anna's Violin". On the 15th and 18th, you will get a chance to meet and greet with the "Producer" Nicole Clevenger of Anna's Violin and also the Author himself William "Y-no" Winebrenner. The Author will be doing book signings for all four days. You will have a chance to purchase your very own autographed copy of the novel "From Out of the Forest", In which the movie Anna's Violin is based off of.

The book is on Sale for only $15.00 for this event, regular price is $30.00. Bookmark is free with the purchase of a book. We hope to see you here.

National Ceramic Museum and Heritage Center

7327 Ceramic Road
Roseville, OH 43777
(740) 697-7021
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