Friday, May 28, 2010

Do you belive in Ghost?

Wow! We were doing a book signing at the Farm Museum in Point Pleasant when I was approached by a young girl stating that she had captured Anna apparition on their Deer Camera. I asked how. She began to tell me that they set the deer cameras to track when the deer were around most of the time. As they were reviewing the tape they ran across the image. Creepy! Huh. See for yourself. This is scary. It is till this day that the locals still hear Anna screams and cries from the Clifton Woods. To give you a little background on the image. Anna's Potts two daughters were kidnapped by the native Indians. Anna , would leave every winter to go back into the forest on her mule looking for her two daughters.

If you look very close where they have circled Anna's image, you will be able to see the ears of the mule in front of Anna.

This is one of the reasons why our movie Anna's Violin is going to be so intense.

Got a call from Athens Messenger

I received a call today from Athens Messenger. They will be posting an article for next week paper about our movie Anna's Violin. Please check out the Athens Messenger next week. We are very pleased to have the exposure for our upcoming feature film. For those who have not read the book "From Out of the Forest" by William Winebrenner please purchase a copy. You can purchase from our website or go to the contact page and we will be in touch with you. Also, you may purchase the book from any of our book signings. By going to the Book Signing you will have a meet and greet with the Author himself William Winebrener. We will have the schedule posted of all the book signing. We look forward to meeting you.